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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Twin Peaks Season 2 DVD Delayed Until 2006

Image hosted by Twin Peaks fans have been waiting a long time for a Season 2 DVD Set, and now they're going to wait a little longer. Artisan Entertainment, the previous holder of North American DVD rights, released the first season to critical acclaim back in 2001. Unfortunately it's sales didn't justify Artisan releasing the second season. Earlier this year, fans were delighted to here that the rights had reverted back to Paramount, and rumour had it that we would see a release of the second season by late 2005. Now that date has been moved again, but with good reason.

The original Artisan release of Season 1 featured some of the highest quality television remastering seen to date - both in picture and sound. It was generally assumed that Paramount would not be going that route with their Season 2 release due to the high cost involved. However, I'm very happy to report that the general assumption was entirely incorrect. Paramount has delayed the release until 2006 so that not only can the episodes be remastered, but that they remastering can be overseen by serioes creator David Lynch! Joy!


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